Sunday, December 2, 2007

By way of an introduction...

I realize that for many, five children does not make a large family. In my own family, as the oldest of 12 children, five is certainly not a lot. But, in this day and age of compact cars, drive-thru restaurants, vacation packages, and family memberships, apparently five children is a lot! Many days getting everyone moving towards the same direction, at the same time, and on time is like herding a group of turtles. Hence the title of this blog.

While five children may not be amazing, we often get remarks because they are all girls. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions/comments:

1. Yes, they are all mine.
2. Obviously, they all have the same father. I mean, look at them! They are practically clones!
3. Yes, we are done.
4. No, we weren't trying for a boy. In fact, while pregnant with #5, I prayed for a girl. Really, what would I do with all those hand-me-downs?!
5. Yes, they are close in age: 5 children in 7 years.
6. We have 1.5 bathrooms.
7. My husband isn't suffering... yet. The oldest is 13.
8. At age 18 they are getting ladders as gifts.
9. Yes, I am kidding!
10. My husband has the best of both worlds. He does all the "girly" father-daughter stuff and teaches his girls how to fish, change oil, and play football.
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