Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Government needs to know

I received an invitation from the Government yesterday. The USDA to be specific.

The cover letter asks me to cooperate and help the government out by completing the enclosed survey. Now, the front page of the survey says that I have until Feb 15 to comply and failure to comply is a federal offense. So much for being invited.

The survey cover page insists that all of my information will be handled confidentially and shared with no other government agency. Now this I had to chuckle at, since I know all of this information that I am "invited" to provide, will be going into a computer file somewhere. A computer file which can be stolen, hacked, "accidently" sent to another person, etc.

Really though, it doesn't matter since it is a USDA survey and the USDA is the government agency which is promoting (pushing, ramming down our throats...) the NAIS (National Animal Identification System). Here is the USDA website on the project: . Be not mislead: here is the anti-NAIS website .

So now my dilemma. Fill out the forms and risk being forced into the NAIS and premise identification/registration, or don't fill out the forms and risk going to prison...

Although there are days when prison sounds like a nice alternative to dealing with 5 girls, two of which are in a constant state of dramatic horomonal shifts, and a husband with all the relationship pitfalls therein.
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