Monday, February 4, 2008

Countdown to chicks

Today is Feb. 4th. Is my barn ready for the chicks? NO! My loving and sweet and, oh who am I kidding?!?! My husband has decided that since he now has more free time due to being laid off and there being no part-time work anywhere within the state of Connecticut, he is going to build me my mud room. And not just any mudroom, the mudroom of my dreams. Complete with shelving, built-in boot bins, hat and mitten storage, specially designed top shelves that will accommodate our plethora of sleeping bags and miscellaneous camping equipment. Seriously, I am the mother of five kids and leader of numerous 4-H'ers, I really do dream about mudrooms.

Not only is he going to build me this luxurious room, he is also, get this, going to complete it BEFORE the chicks come on or around Feb 18th. Because, he has decided, that even though we have the heat lamps, it simply will not be warm enough in the barn for the chicks.

Now this may seem that I am complaining about my husband and his thinking/planning process, but in actuality, I am thrilled. You see, he has finally figured out that age old adage, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." If I have a mudroom in which I can shut the door, I am happy. If I am happy, I will tolerate 50+/- chicks in my house for a few weeks.
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