Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday morning Buster looked the same as he had the night before. THe fact that he was still alive gave us hope. We dosed him with more remedies and went to church. When we came home Abby went to check on him and make him walk. Sam and I had to leave to go and pick up our bee packages. While we were on the road Abby called to say that Buster still hadn't pooped and he wasn't walking. So I called someone who knows even more than I do and was much closer than I was at the time. She came over and helped Abby and it was determined that he was imapcted.

When I returned with the bees, he was up and moving but still not pooping like he should have been given the amount of oil and milk of magnesia he'd been given. I installed my bees and we left to go install Donna's. While installing Donna's Abby called to tell us he was getting worse.

When we got back to the house he was starting to stumble and he had thrown up again. Sam and I went inside to discuss things and when we came out he was laying down with very labored breathing. At that point we made the decision and I got the girls to come and say goodbye. I took the girls to church while Sam dealt with Buster.

While losing any animal is not easy, Buster was special. If he had been one of our "livestock" it would have been different, but he was Abby's cart goat and her best buddy. Even though he weighed 150 pounds he thought he was the perfect lap goat. He managed to consume at least one prize ribbon per fair season and many more were pulled from his throat. It didn't matter where we put them he always managed to find one somewhere. He was famous for never wanting to go forwards in the cart. Many a time we threatened to hitch him to it backwards. Abby spent countless hours training him to voice commands and he won nearly every time he went in the ring. At home he would be stubborn and misbehave, but he seemed to know that in the ring it was important for him to be on his best behavior. He is now buried in the place of honor beside our faithful dogs, Jake and Bo.
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