Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deep breathing

Okay, deep breath! Today we need to drop Hannah off at her girl scout leader's house so she can do her Cookie Booth thing, while we go to Tractor Supply for our 4-H Hot Dog Sale thing.

My bee hive equipment arrived yesterday while we were out buying the supplies for the Hot Dog Sale. So Sam put them together after he finished popping together 6 cremation containers for a customer. Today I will paint them so that tomorrow afternoon I can put bees in them.

Yesterday I cleaned out the hive that died and found a nasty little mouse, which explains why the bees died. The cat literally watched it run into the stonewall and didn't even move a whisker. Sheesh! The rotten mouse ate through TWO of my wooden frames. Thankfully I do have some extras hanging around.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Hampton to pick up the bees. Tomorrow is Billa's (Abby's goat) due date. Monday our chicks should arrive. Given my schedule, I am certain the goat will decide that tomorrow is the perfect time to kidd! The other goat (Bertie) is due April 2nd. Knowing my schedule, she'll decide that Monday will be the best day to kidd!

Sam finished the ceiling in the mudroom. Next the window and door trim, which I stained yesterday, will be put up. In theory the floor will start going down on Tuesday. Sam hung two of the coat racks so at least now some of the mess is dealt with. I can't wait until we can put the heavy coats away!
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