Monday, March 10, 2008

My Life

No sign of kidds yet. Margie looks like she is about to explode though. Knowing our track record, it's probably two huge bucks that will require me getting involved....

Very busy week this week:
I have one goat who is due to kidd today.
Another due on the 16th and third and fourth due on the 30th and April 2nd.
I have 26 three week old chicks living in my playroom.
I have another 25 one day old chicks arriving on the 31st.
I have a half finished mudroom that I can't use because it still needs a floor and a ceiling, never mind the cabinets and hooks that need to be installed.
Because of previous statement, all boots, coats, milking equipment, bee equipment, camping equipment, etc. is piled in the playroom and stacked on my sewing area.
One of the dogs had to be moved to inside the barn since her outside area is literally under 1 foot of water. Thankfully the waters have receded enough to put her back in her pen.
I have 20,000 bees and 2 queens arriving on April 12th and my hive supplies order is backordered!
I have 30 gallons of sap being stored in our camper (hey, I am just glad it's not in my playroom!) that need to be processed into syrup.
I still have five families worth of girl scout cookies (about 200 boxes!) sitting in my living room, that haven't been picked up. I guess I'll be kind and bring them to the meeting this week.
All 5 girls have girl scout meetings this week, none of them on the same day.
Nathalie starts her CPR/first aid course on Wednesday.
I have a dentist appointment for a cavity.
4H meeting is on Tuesday.
A meeting at school about Rachel on Thursday,
and Nathalie's birthday party sleepover on Friday night.

I am not even thinking about Saturday's schedule; it requires two of me and teleportation.
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