Friday, April 11, 2008

Brownie Scouts Farm Tour

Fourteen Brownie scouts descended on us yesterday afternoon. Abby left for Cirque de Soleil with my parents and Hannah left for her volunteer job. This left Sam, Nathalie and I to herd the girls through our various "stations" that we had created.

We checked out the bees, the baby chicks, the 7 week old chicks, and the show chickens. The girls gathered eggs from the laying hens and scattered feed for the non layers. We talked about how everything on a farm has a job to do, even the non laying hens. We talked about livestock guard dogs and how we make maple syrup. The girls brushed the goats and then everyone took a turn at milking. The children pet the baby goats and let them suck on their fingers. We let them throw hay for Jazz and Patrick. The girls then washed the eggs that they had gathered. Nathalie showed them what we do with the milk after it is brought in from the barn and then I made a quick cheese. Rachel showed her goat milk soap and passed it around for everyone to feel and smell. Next we laid out apples with honey and maple syrup for dipping; also various kinds of goat cheese with crackers. The girls were hesitant at first with the cheeses but once one of them tried it and announced it was good, there wasn't much left at the end of the day!

The girls really seemed to have a good time. I hope we can have more groups come.
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