Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goat Day: Results

Goat Day was a blast as usual! We met up with friends we haven't seen for months and even found a judge for the Ledyard fair goat show! I attended the showmanship classes and the meat goat slaughter class. The day was very well run and the speakers they chose were exceptional.

At the end of the day they had a raffle. Everyone who was registered had their name put in. Nathalie was one of the first names called and she, in a generous gesture of sisterly love, chose a halter for Abby. Further on someone else chose the other halter, but just as Bridget K's name was called, they returned it to the table and chose something else. Bridget ran down and grabbed the halter up for Abby! So now Abby has two halters so she can start to train her goat cart team. Abby later returned the favor when her name was called by grabbing up the feed bucket for Bridget. Sarah P. was able to choose a free Sanaan goat breeding certificate for one of the best breeders in Connecticut!

Because Sam and I have this insidious disease where we can't say "No", we have agreed to be on the Goat Day Committee for next year. We are hoping to bring in some new ideas and activities, like a quiz bowl competition.
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