Saturday, April 5, 2008

Goat Day

Today is Goat Day! UCONN and 4H team up and throw this all day event for goat 4H'ers. They limit attendence to 150 so only those who turn in their registrations within 7 days of receiving them manage to get in. It is unfortunate that they have to limit the numbers since they turn away on average 250-300 registrations every year. There will be workshops on goat showmanship, judging, and fitting; fiber goats, meat goats, goat nutrition, goat first aid, etc.

I count this as a day of school for the homeschooled kids. Hannah will be attending a goat slaughtering class. Not that she wants to slaughter goats but she is interested in how their bodies work and this is a good way to find out. (anatomy and physiology, biology) Abby is doing the goat judging classes (math, public speaking), and Nathalie is attending the goat cheese making classes (math, home ec, chemistry). Rachel will be attending all the novice and junior goat handling classes (phys. ed., public speaking). Of course there is the traditional trek to the UCONN Dairy Bar sometime after lunch (business/consumer math, money managment).

We'll also be doing lots of networking with other breeders as we are on the hunt for some nice does or doelings since we had only BUCKS born this year. And maybe we can sell our one lone buckling: Jean Lafitte. The girls love meeting up with the 4H'ers that they haven't seen since September or October. It is also a time when we can discuss homeschooling and curriculum as it is amazing how many kids in the program are homeschooled. It is just an all around good time.
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