Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life in the Breakdown Lane

Of course, because of everything I had to do yesterday, the power lines in front of our house fell. Yup, just sparked and fell. That explains the lights that were flickering all last week. We had attributed that to bad wiring in our house. Turns out it was the decaying wiring at the pole!

The fire department, in their lightning fast response time: 18 minutes, responded with one fire Lieutenant (who actually lives on our street) and one fire policeman. I tell ya, any town volunteer firefighter ever again tries to tell me that they can respond to my house in under 10 minutes.... The town sent a dump truck which arrived about 30 minutes after we called 911. The power company showed up right behind the town guy.

We had the power back on in about 3 hours. It went off again an hour later for another 45 minutes. But even with all that going on we managed to move all the chickens and the dog. The tile in the mudroom got grouted (FYI the dye they use in grout doesn't wash off hands very well). Schoolwork was done. The holes in the driveway were filled in. Bees were fed (one hive is weaker than the other). Leaves were raked off of the side gardens. Grain was purchased. Kites were flown. Library books returned and checked out. Old flags were taken to town hall for proper disposing. 4H meeting was held. I think I was snoring by 8:45 PM!
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