Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Weather

The van was repaired yesterday. I love my mechanic! He replaced the rebuilt alternator that he put in on Monday with a brand new one and he didn't charge me a penny! I drove it home and there seems to be no problems.

I actually got several things accomplished yesterday. The mudroom door and trim are all stained. The stray cat's owner appeared to remove her cat. I washed all the winter coats etc. and hung them out to dry. I started to organize the mudroom and get things on the shelves. We condensed all of Hannah's older show chickens into one pen so that we can put the newer birds outside today.

I really want to uncover my sewing machine area today. It has had everything from the mudroom area piled on it while we worked on the mudroom. Abby and Nathalie are outgrowing clothing quicker than I can produce it. Pants I made for Abby for Christmas are now too short for her. Nathalie is a bit thicker than Abby so the pants, custom made for Abby, don't fit Nathalie unless I alter them. Which means unburying my sewing machine.

I also need to pull out the summer clothing as the weather forecast is calling for mid to upper 70's for this week. Chaos in the laundry room as everyone tries things on to determine who fits what and who needs what. I used to have a system, but since Abby and Nathalie are wearing nearly the same size, and Rachel and Samantha are almost the same size, my system doesn't work.

I am mentally preparing myself for a meeting tomorrow about Rachel. My level of frustration is very high. Every "expert" I contact says I have to have the school take certain steps before they can get involved. The school doesn't want to take those steps. Meanwhile, the kid struggles. I am beginning to think the school would just love for me to throw my hands up and say, "Fine! I'll homeschool her!" It would certainly remove any $$ burden from them. Seven weeks left in the school year. What are the chances that they will do anything?
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