Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cleaning the School Room

We cleaned the school room yesterday. A REAL cleaning! Not the girls' version of cleaning. We moved furniture, hauled everything off the shelves, sorted, organized, and eliminated. I even found a library book with a due date of March 24! That went something like this:

Me: Guys! This book was due 3 MONTHS ago!
Nathalie: What's the due date? (Like I can't count months?)
Me: March 24
Abby: It must say May 24th, Mom. (said in that 14 year old Mom-you-overreact-to-everything tone)
Me: Ahem! Look!
Abby: Oh, it does say March.
Me: $400 dollars in fines..... I should just give the librarians a check every month...

We found a lot more stuff for the tag sale. Mostly crafts, and some games and puzzles that we no longer use. I had the girls sort through all of our computer cd's. We culled the ones they no longer play with and the ones that don't work on our Windows 95 computer.
We have realized that we will have to paint the school room before Hannah moves into it. There are just too many holes in the walls from thumb tacks. Hannah is thinking about sage greens, to match her quilt.
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