Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yesterday was Saturday...
After we got all the morning stuff done, Sam arrived home from the firehouse. He and I did the "running around" errands together: Post Office, Bank, Leone's house to deliver money, Potter's Funeral home to deliver cremation containers, Lebanon Farmer's Market, and the Wood's house to deliver a custom made toy box.

We then packed up everything we needed for the CPR certification course and headed over to the UCONN Extension Center in Norwich. Sam had to be at work at Tractor Supply for 2PM, so he introduced me to the CPR instructor and left.

We ended up having 15 kids and adults attend the class (out of the 25+ that signed up. But that's another story...). The instructor's daughter, it turned out, is one of the coaches that Hannah volunteers for on Thursdays! Small world. She has known Sam since before he knew me! She had never connected that Hannah was Sam's daughter until yesterday. Of course with a name like Smith, it certainly wouldn't be obvious!

The instructor was very impressed with how well the kids paid attention and performed the lessons. He was amazed that Samantha was able to pass the test!

After we finished up there, we raced home to feed and milk real quick, before dashing off to the Grilley's house for their "Annual Strawberry Dinner". The dinner is more like dessert, but it's strawberries and they are healthy, right? We had a great time reconnecting with people we hardly see anymore, and meeting some new friends too.

We arrived home about 9PM, just 5 minutes behind Sam coming home from Tractor Supply. We discovered that Jazz, our buck, had escaped the pasture but thankfully had gone into the woods and gorged himself, and not into any poisonous plants. We dosed him with Milk of Magnesia and baking soda slurry, just to be on the safe side. This morning he appears fine. I fell asleep before the 10 o'clock news even started....
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