Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Bees!

So much to do... so little time....

We clipped a bajillion goats yesterday, so we have about 6 left to do today.

I think Hannah has washed and blow-dried all her chickens.

We picked up the crates we're borrowing from the Jones'.

Sam has his first physical therapy session this morning. The doctor yesterday decided to keep Sam out of work for another week.

Hannah and I will be heading up to North Stonington around 1PM to drop off the chickens.

After that we'll be going back over to Donna's to extract my honey out of the 4 supers I put bee escapes on a few days ago.

Thankfully the heat and humidity seems to have broken this morning so we won't be losing 6 pounds of water every time we exert ourselves!
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