Monday, August 11, 2008

Beef Cow Vortex

I love our little hometown fair. The Lebanon fair is such a lovely low key fair. The girls watched falconers and trampoline artists. When we arrived on Sunday morning we were just 20 minutes too late to have witnessed the beef cow next to us giving birth! The owners were considering naming it Lebby, short for Lebanon.

Hannah fell in love with the 1800 pound beef cows next to our dairy cows. The lady who owns them thought Hannah was the sweetest thing and offered to let Hannah show her cows at the next fair that we both will be at. So Hannah will be showing beef cows at the Ledyard fair in September!

The next fair will be Chester fair (Aug 22-24). Only goats and chickens go to that fair. No cows since the goat show and the cow show happen at the same time. Abby tried it last year and was worn to a frazzle running back and forth between the two barns.

Of course before the next fair we have our campfire this coming Friday!
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