Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lebanon Fair Results

Let's see if I can remember everything!

First Abby showed her cow very well. She has only showed a cow 2 times before this fair and both were last year. Because of her age she was placed in the Intermediate Showmanship class. The majority of the 10 kids in that class have been showing since they were in the Peewee classes. Abby placed tenth but she has improved immensely over last year and with the number of opportunities she will have this year to show cows, she will soon be in the top of her classes.

Hannah's chickens all took first and second place ribbons. Our friend Grace's chickens got Best Bantam!!

Abby's white bread got 1st place
Samantha's lego's took third
Hannah's stuffed chicken took second
Rachel's stuffed horse (That she designed and sewed all by herself!!) took 3rd
Nathalie's dress took second
Abby's dress took first
Hannah's brownies took first
Abby's sugar cookies took second
Abby's watercolor art took second
Hannah's pastel took 1st
My honey took 1st
My three dresses placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
I won the golden Hammer in the nail driving contest
Samantha tied for first place in the watermelon eating contest for her age division.

I think that was everything...
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