Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swept Into Another Vortex

At some point this summer, I was asked if I could become more involved in Samantha's girl scout troop. I heard the sucking sound afar off in the distance, but I figured, eh, "I can handle it". Well that swirling vortex has now closed in on me.

Last night was my first Service Unit meeting for the girl scouts. I am in charge of the magazine and candy sales this year. I am thinking, can't be any worse than being cookie mom... silly me. Oh, it won't be any worse, but it will be just as bad!

It is a good organization and the ladies are lovely. I enjoy working with kids and for the most part the girls are wonderful. My 4H training requirements should overlap some of their training requirements. And with all five girls involved, I am already driving to meetings anyway.

Yup, I 've been sucked in...
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