Monday, February 9, 2009

The Final Tally

Total family tallies from THE bug:

2 kids on antibiotics
1 severe case of tonsilitis
6 infected ears
5 ruptured ear drums
4 days of school missed
24 children's ibuprofin chewables
20 tylenol meltaways
8 dayquil gelcaps
3 sick visit co-pays
10 hours of lost wages
1 trip to school to pick up sick kids
highest fever: 103.2
most days with a fever above 100 degrees: 3
5 hours of movies watched
2 puzzles completed
15 books read
3 boxes of tissues (before we switched to just using toilet paper rolls!)

AND Hannah never got sick!!! We've decided to sell her immune system to Pfizer and make millions of dollars!
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