Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week

Antibiotics are amazing things! Within 24 hours of starting them, I began to feel like a whole new person! Thankfully no one else has developed symptoms. So maybe, just maybe, with spring around the corner, we can put this winter's illnesses behind us.

No new baby goats yet. Lucy was due on the 13th. She will proabbly kidd today, since I am working! Sam will be home today to help if there are any problems.

Report cards for the younger two girls come home on Friday. Parent-Teacher conferences will be the following Friday. I am anxious to get some kind of report on Rachel. I have noticed some progress in her spelling tests, but not in her day to day spelling. Her speech and language has very much improved. We are correcting her verb usage less and less. Samantha's has improved too, which I think supports my theory that most of Samantha's language issues were learned behaviors from hanging out with Rachel!

I am noticing that many of Rachel's papers are coming home with someone else's handwriting for the answers. So I know she is still struggling with writing out answers in a timely manner. Her reading is somewhat improved in that she can read nearly all the words in the books she brings home from school. Her fluency is still stilted and choppy, and she is still reading what she thinks the words should say and not what is actually written.

The "what do we do for next year?" question has come up in a few conversations. Sam and I are holding off on any decisions until after we get some kind of progress report.
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