Saturday, May 2, 2009


A new month! And if the calendar is any indication, it will be a busy one! Sam has been working a crazy amount of overtime in the last two and a half weeks. It should all be coming to an end on Monday as the new recruits will be coming on-line. Sam figured that in the last 14 days he has been home about 34 hours total, and many of those were spent sleeping! I can tell you I am weary of being a single mom!

With the warmer weather finally arriving we have started digging the holes for the new fences. So far four have been installed and I only have one huge bruise on my hip from tripping and falling onto one of the cedar posts. The smaller bruises are on my fingers from forgetting to move them when using the post hole digger!

My bee hives have the first layer of supers on them. I am using all mediums or shallows this year. The hope is that I will be able to maneuver them on my own come harvest time. The deep supers just weighed way too much last year once they were filled with honey.

Only a few more baby goats left to sell. The first ones to be weaned will be leaving over the next two weeks to their various new homes. The chickens are now laying prolifically and we are nearing three dozen eggs per day. Now to find buyers for them all!

Fair season is just around the corner and we need to start looking for judges and deciding who will show which goats and chickens. We are starting to get the camper ready and the next really warm day we will air it out and scrub everything down. While we have eliminated a few fairs from our list, we have added some bigger ones that are further away from home. And we are even starting to think about next year's National Goat show which will be held in Louisville Kentucky!
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