Monday, August 31, 2009

Maggie's Come Home

In 2002, we got our first goats. They were two free, 1 year old does that were looking for a good home and were registered American oberhaslis with papers. Their names were Maggie and Lila. Those poor goats had everything a person could do wrong with a goat, done to them. We learned a lot with those girls.
Lila had to be put down in 2003 after she tried to climb a tree and broke her leg in three places. In 2005 we sold Maggie to a fellow 4-H'er as we had by then bought other goats and needed to thin the herd.
A couple of weeks ago, a friend informed us that Maggie was up for sale. The current owners were no longer able to care for their animals and were selling them all. I went up to look at the old girl and see about buying her back; for entirely sentimental reasons.
I was amazed at how good she looked considering she is now an eight year old doe. We worked out a barter with the owners for her and on Saturday she came home. Abby has decided that she would like her in her herd and that she probably be the only goat we let retire here.
In the truly amazing category: We penned Maggie in our isolation pen as is protocol whenever a new goat comes onto the farm. On Saturday night when Abby took her out to milk her, she pulled away from her and ran straight to the milking barn! It was as if she actually remembered from all those years ago!
Welcome home Maggie!
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