Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tradition

One of our family traditions at Christmas time is to take a ride to Hubbard Park in Meridan to see the lights. The city sets up light displays throughout the whole park. There are dolphins in the pond, squirrels in the trees, lions hiding in the tall grass, and even some penguins building an igloo. My favorite is the beavers playing by the dam.

After we have made two circuits of the park, we drive to the local Friendly's restaurant and all have ice cream. (Really, what else do you eat when it is below freezing outside, right?) This year we invited another family to come along. Due to Sam's crazy schedule, we didn't get on the road until well after 7PM. The 45 minute ride was a bit noisy with ten girls and four adults all trying to have conversations while the Christmas carols played. There was also the emergency bathroom stop at Lowes, but we eventually got there.

Friendly's was a bit overwhelmed by all of us, I think. Our server did great dealing with fourteen different orders from four tables. It was a very late night, but everyone handled it very well. We were all back home and in our beds by 11PM!
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