Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby Goats!

Sunday morning we welcomed 8.5 pound Abby's Tails George Bush. His dam, Rose Barry Maggie is the oldest doe we have ever had, at nine years of age. She is our "original"; the one who started this whole adventure eight years ago. She has yet to give a doeling! George is already spoken for as a pet whether, so he gets lots of extra handling from the girls to make sure he is friendly and socialized.
Sunday afternoon 4-M Gateway Moeeka gave birth to twin seven pound doelings! Abigail and I were discussing names with a homeschool family that stopped by to see the birthing. While the names Monica and Hillary were mentioned, we decided we really didn't want to be explaining the names to children! In the end, Abby chose the wives of John Adams and John Quincy Adams: Abby's Tails Abigail Adams and Abby's Tails Louisa Adams. Abby believes she'll be keeping Abigail, but only if her other does produce bucks. If they produce does, she'll have a tough decision to make as we only have space for her to keep one doe from this year's "crop".

Abigail (red collar) and Louisa


Louisa (showing us her "show pose"!)


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