Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fabric, Flowers, and Food

Our new 4-H club, Fabric, Flowers, and Food, began the "fabric" portion of our 4-H year a few weeks ago. We are a group made up of homeschooled families with a focus on the Home Arts projects within 4-H. We start the year in October with Food and participate in the county-wide Food and Nutrition Show in November. In January we switch to the Fabric arts, and in May-ish we'll switch to flowers and gardening.

The older girls help the younger girls and everyone shares the sewing machines and scissors. Lately we've been doing a lot of seam ripping as everyone learns how to make straight seams. While it is frustrating for the kids, they all have a great attitude about it and are learning so much more than just about sewing. This is such a fun group! I wish all 4-H groups were this engaging and eager to participate!

These past few weeks we have been working on making doll clothes and quilts. We started simple with a basic pant pattern. Several girls finished their pants this week and next week we'll start on something a little bit bigger.
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