Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Reviews

A follow up to my Books! post:

I read "Steady Days" while sitting in the waiting room of the ER. (Nathalie had "caught" a knife, and needed her hand looked at. Thankfully, no stitches, but she did need a tetanus shot). I must admit I was rather disappointed in the book. The title declares it to be a book to help journey to "professional motherhood", and much of the book focused on families with very young children. The book looks at making schedules, focused planning, and creating lists for everything. I am an avid listmaker, and even I found some of the suggestions to border on tedious.

The book is well laid out and many of the suggestions and ideas are ones I had already figured out on my own. For a mom with young children, who is just figuring out how to juggle a household, this book would be a great help. But for me, as a mother who has been doing this for quite some time, I found very little of it to be "new" or eye-opening. So for me, I give it two out of five stars, but for someone with a houseful of young children, it would at least be worth a borrow from the library.

I have a new book to add to my "Want to Read List". It is The 100 Things Challenge. I have been cleaning out and clearing out for several months now, in an effort to simplify my life and make room and time for the more important things. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!

Also, while on the subject of books, I have found this wonderful blog of book reviews for children's books: Christian Children's Book Review . Their reviews are complete and insightful. I love that they give both the good and the bad about the books, which gives me a chance to make decisions about them without having to read every book from cover to cover.
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