Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Calm Week

This week has been a nice quiet one.

We started the week with the hatching of seven turkey chicks.

Tuesday, I gave a sewing lesson to a friend. It is so cool to see her gaining new skills and getting excited about completing a project!

Wednesday, we tattooed a 4-H'er's goat and helped clip the hooves of another's goat.

Today, another friend is coming over to visit and also share with us clothes that her daughter has out grown.

Tomorrow is our first "Keepers At Home" meeting. We'll be studying Contentment (YIKES!) and making our sashes. Sam and I will be taking Abby out for her birthday dinner, as well.

The girls have completed a good amount of schoolwork, since our days are not filled with so much activity. Next week looks to be just as relaxed and I am really enjoying this new slower pace for our family.
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