Tuesday, July 12, 2011

North Stonington Fair

The North Stonington Fair was once again, a lot of fun! We had 88 goats and 22 exhibitors! The girls all did very well in their showmanship classes. We made some changes in how we superintend and I think the show ran much more smoothly than in the past. There will be more changes for next year, and hopefully this will make the fair even better!

It isn't easy to take photos and run the show, so there aren't too many from the day.


Abby and Paladium

Hannah and Venezuela
Abby and Paladium

Rachel and BettyFord with Dixie and Liesl

Johnson's getting ready

Samantha fitting DollyMadison

Hannah and Venezuela

Rachel and BettyFord

Samantha and DollyMadison with Sarah (the Judge)
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