Monday, August 1, 2011

ADGA Nationals 2011

We arrived at ADGA Nationals 2011 in West Springfield, MA on Friday afternoon, after a pit stop at the Hartford Police station to water the animals. The thermometer in the truck read 106 degrees and that wasn't counting the humidity! It was H-O-T!!!

We got through the vet check-in, settled the animals in their pens, and set up the camper for the week.

Saturday morning we volunteered to assist with the vet checks. The older girls helped read tattoos, while the younger two ran between the vet's tent and the bedding trailers with orders for the pens. Sam ended up spending the entire day at the check-in, finally getting finished at 10:30PM!

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the girls participated in the youth contests for judging and knowledge, followed by a youth pizza party.

Sunday morning started early with the youth showmanship classes beginning at 8AM. While all the girls showed very well, only Samantha placed in the competition, with an 8th place finish. After showmanship was the fitting competition. We had two teams: Abby, Hannah, Lara R., and Max W. were the "Fantastic Four", and Rachel, Samantha, Rachael T., and Samantha R. were the "R2S2" team. They all had a lot of fun, but neither team placed in the top five.
Abby in Showmanship


The "Fantastic Four" fitting team

"R2S2" fitting team

Hannah in Showmanship

Rachael T. took 9th place in showmanship

Rachel in Showmanship

Samantha being judged in showmanship

Samantha with her 8th place ribbon

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