Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Lebanon Fair

We had decided this year to not bring animals to the Lebanon Fair. Without the animals, we could relax, enjoy the fair and all the events. Something we hadn't been able to do for several years.

After our breakfast on Saturday morning, I made two trips to the fair with the truck full of children. Sam had been called in to work at the firehouse so our plan of taking two cars, was out.

We first walked through the exhibit hall and saw how well the girls did with their exhibits. Nathalie's breakfast puffs took a blue ribbon, Abby's dress took third place, and Rachel's doll dress took first.

Next we wandered the fairgrounds bumping into lots of people we knew and catching up. After a bit we gathered around the center stage for the contests: pie eating, watermelon eating and nail driving. The girls all had fun eating with no hands. Abby placed third in the watermelon contest. I entered the nail driving competition and managed to win the Golden Hammer!

After the contests we found some lunch and visited some more. We left the fair around 3PM in order to get home and do chores before heading to Meme's for some pool time!
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