Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nor'easter In October?

Good ol' New England! The weather is always a surprise!

On Saturday we were clobbered with 8 inches of very wet, heavy snow. It started snowing at 9AM and by the time afternoon chores were underway the trees were heavily burdened under the white stuff. The dog barked every time a tree would snap or pop. By 8PM he was barking almost constantly!

Several very large branches broke off trees in our yard. Sam was at the firehouse, of course! So The girls went out and moved the ones that were blocking the driveway. Abby watched one branch snap, but not quite fall. It was swaying over the truck! She ran out and moved the truck. Even now, several days later, it still hasn't fallen. Sam can't quite reach it because it is so far out from the trunk of the tree and over 40 feet up.

Several hundred thousand people are still without power in Connecticut. Thankfully our power never went out. There are several large branches that are snapped and hanging over our street though, so if they fall before the crews can get to them, we could still lose electricity.

 Halloween was cold and snowy. The girls had a pirate theme for this year. Abby was a parrot, Nathalie a pirate, Hannah a Pirate news reporter, Rachel a princess held by pirates for ransom, and Samantha was a sack of grain. We went to my mom's for hot dogs and cupcakes. The girls made their annual stop at Mrs. Veit's house for bags of popcorn.
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