Monday, February 20, 2012

Today's Project

Today we are waiting on this goat to kid:

Abby's Tails Paladium was due February 18th, but goats can kid anywhere from five days before to five days after their due dates. 

We're also waiting on this goat:
West View Octavia is due February 25th and she is quite cranky about the whole situation! She lays around grunting, moaning and complaining, when she isn't being mean to the other goats.

So while we were hanging out around the barn we worked on getting things better organized. Abby had found a piece of wooden lattice and I found a neat idea on a website for it. Abby set to work with Hannah and Rachel to create a place for all of our larger tools to be outside the barn.

The tools are protected from the weather and are no longer in the barn where we were always banging our heads on them! Abby even made a way to hang our sleds (that only were used ONCE this winter).

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