Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Various names were given for the storm that slammed into Connecticut on Friday and Saturday: Charlotte, Nemo or Blizzard 2013, depending on who you talk to. It put down about 30 inches of snow in our yard. In some places the drifts are over our four foot tall fences! Thankfully the lights only flickered and we never lost power. 

We (and by "we" I mean the children) started
shoveling paths to the barns at 6AM.
The snow was still coming down at a
rate of 1-2 inches per hour!

Can barely make out that Abby is halfway to the barn.

Turk is chest deep in the snow and LOVING it!
Nathalie is digging a path to the bucks.

The Old Chicken Coop (will be the Sugar Shack next week IF we can dig it out!)
Abby made it to the barn  door at 7:20

Samantha finds a way to stay out of the wind! 
Jumping into the snowbanks so another person can pass.

Abby tries to make a snow angel

Nathalie dumps a shove FULL of snow on her head!

The sun finally came out and the snow stopped falling!

Abby hits Hannah with a shovelful of snow.
Hannah retaliates
Pippi had fun running on the paths.
We finished the driveway around 4PM. A neighbor came over with his snow blower and cleared the last five feet for us. We were very thankful as the last five feet was the very heavy and icy stuff from the plow trucks. Our friend with the plow truck showed up as we were finishing! He had just managed to get out of his driveway (it's a mile long)! He plowed the turn-around area for us. It would have taken another two hours to do what he did in ten minutes!

Hard to believe, but on Monday we'll be tapping trees and making maple syrup!
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