Monday, December 24, 2007

It is Christmas Eve Day and I just realized I didn't get my Dad a gift and my sisters who live in Kansas: their gifts are sitting here, waiting for a chance to get to the post office. If only they were able to drive themselves... OH! New Year's gifts! Or if I really get stuck: Three Kings Day! Hey! If it gets really hectic most of their birthdays are in November.....

I spent most of last night sorting through a HUGE bucket of legos. My mom had given me about 50,000 legos from when we were all growing up because I was complaining about the price of new ones. That and Toys R Us having the ones in the store $20 more than the ones online, which were unavailable for purchase online until after the sale was over!

So I sorted by color 50,000+/- legos last night and went to the lego website and downloaded and printed the instructions for the various lego creations. The cool thing: last night Rachel told my brother Tom that she wanted legos for Christmas! So ONE Christmas wish will be answered. At least she has stopped asking for the horse, a real live one.

So now I need to find a gift for my Dad. He is so HARD to buy for. What do you get a sci-fi loving, engineer who has nearly every computer game there is?
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