Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thoughts at 4 AM

4 AM is a crazy thing.
Funny where a mind will wander when you are awake before the sun:

It's too early for coffee.
Calf has scours.
Nite Lite's kids need CD &T today.
Abby finally seems to have found her stride.
Samantha didn't punch anyone at school yesterday.
Will the girls get enough financial aid?
How will we get Nat to BJU in August?
I hope she does well there.
I remember going away to college.
Doesn't seem that long ago,
but still a lifetime ago.
Where is the faith I had when I was 20?
A trip to Maine will be nice.
I want coffee.
It's too early for coffee.
I need to email Cara.
I need to email the 4-H'ers.
I need to get ready for that meeting next week.
My feet are cold.
Coffee would be good.
Is it time to plant the lettuce bed?
Maybe Rachel could do that today.
Is Sam working today? I think so.
We need to get the trailer registered.
I wonder if Abby got her registration in for the Indiana show.
That's going to be a long weekend.
Nathalie's dog camp project is stalled.
Need to light a fire under that girl.
Coffee pot started!
That buckling in Maine looks good.
20 years married this month.
Kind of hard to believe.
So much has changed.
Miss you John.
God, will I ever think about him and not start to cry?
He'd be so proud of Abby right now.
All of the girls, actually.
Coffee's ready.
There's Abby's alarm.
And we're off.
Moving like a herd of turtles...

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