Thursday, May 12, 2016


No cancer!

I don't think there are many phrases in the English language that can give as much relief as that one.
The doctor gave the news on the final pathology and added that they don't know what happened. It was there throughout the biopsy. The tumor was large. My uterus was equal to being at six months gestation. I had all the symptoms. There should have been cancer cells there.

But they weren't there. Since I believe that God exists, that he hears prayers, he delights in answering them in a way that brings us the maximum good according to his plans, I believe that God answered my prayers and those of many other people.

Either he removed the cancer, miraculously causing it to disappear, or, as the doctor believes, the cancer cells were only in the one section where they did the biopsy. Or God caused the biopsy results to show cancer so that my surgery would get moved to a bigger hospital with more equipment and better, more experienced doctors.

I am leaning towards the latter because if the surgery had been done locally it would have had a different outcome. My surgery was supposed to take two hours. It took just over four. The size of my uterus and tumor were larger than they had anticipated, requiring an additional, larger incision, on top of the five small ones.  There was difficulty in the removal due to the size. If I had had this operation as originally planned before the biopsy results, without the benefit of robotic surgery, I would have ended up with a very large incision and a much longer recovery.

I am recovering very well. I have barely any pain now unless I overdo things. (Resting has never been my thing!) I have two more weeks of taking things easy, and then I can get back to overdoing it again!

My God is good. I am praising him for answered prayers, for his timing, for his knowing what is best for me and my spiritual growth. All things work together for my good according to his will!

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