Monday, December 3, 2007

Lost Clothing

The two public school children have a 90 minute delay this morning due to the icing we received overnight. Somehow this announcement has put the entire house in slow-motion. Ever see turtles in slow motion?

Rachel (the seven year old) just announced that she can't find any clothes. Now at this point in the morning she should have already eaten breakfast, fed the new puppy, and gotten herself dressed. The puppy is whining and chewing his food dish and she is still in her pajamas. I can tell she has at least eaten breakfast since the remnants of toast and jam are on her face.

Now let's address the statement, "I can't find any clothes". I distinctly recall doing a tleast 4 loads of laundry yesterday and at least another 5 or 6 loads on Saturday. How can this child not have any clothes? I'll tell you how:

Yesterday, all the girls were told to get their clean folded laundry piles from the laundry room and put them away in their rooms. They were also told to get their clean hanging laundry and hang it in their closets.

Rachel apparently misunderstood the instructions, despite having done this very same thing every Sunday since she was four years old. I found her clothes that were lost: at the bottom of the closet, dumped in a pile, under the shoes she wore yesterday. Rachel must have thought I meant she was to throw her clothes on the floor rather than put them in her bureau and hang them on the clothes pole. Obvioulsy, after spending hours and electricty on making these clothes clean, I would want them thrown on the floor under a pair of dirty shoes. Makes sense, right?
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