Sunday, December 16, 2007

We had our 4-H Club's Christmas Party yesterday. First we all gathered and combined into just a couple of cars and went carolling about our town. One of our 4-H'ers had made gift bags of fruit and candy for the people we visited. We all had a great time and wish more people in town wanted a visit from a group of kids who wanted to sing to them. I was amazed at the people who simply said "No" when we asked. One person said they weren't old enough to need carollers!

The few people we did visit were very happy to see all the kids in their elf and Santa hats. We sang several songs at each home and very quickly found that Christmas carols are long if you sing all the verses! We also learned that we are not sopranos and some of us couldn't carry a tune even in a bucket! We discovered that nobody in our group knows all the words to Frosty the Snowman and songs like "Silent Night" are better left to the professionals!

After singing we came back to our house for a cookie exchange and food. Everyone got to check out our new puppies. We were very proud of Delight who actually barked as we walked into the barn! At 2 months old she already knows her job! Turkish on the other hand tucked tail and hid. Some mighty warrior he is!

We ate lots of cookies and exchanged lots of cookies. We shared goat stories and compared how many we each had bred this year. The Reynold's win that one, but they are a "real" goat dairy. Among us hobbyists, I think the Skis are tops, with the Teffts in distant second with 7 does bred.

It was a great event and I hope next year more 4-H'ers participate and we can get more people to sing to.
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