Friday, January 18, 2008

American Idol

OKay, I watched it. Well, parts of it. We were flipping back and forth between it and an animal planet show on how tourism is destroying Hawaii.
Anyway, there was one young man who was talking about how he had not yet kissed a girl and he was 19 years old. He had a key on a chain around his neck and his father had a heart on a chain that held a space for the key. The idea was he was saving himself for marriage and when he got married his father would give the girl the heart on the chain and that the wedding kiss would be their first kiss.

The editing attempted to make it seem "creepy". Ryan Seacrest made fun of him and when the young man went in for his audition, the judges all made fun of him. He sang reasonably well, but they still didn't send him to Hollywood. The final comment from the judges was that he needed to kiss some girls and become a man.

Good grief! No wonder we have unwanted babies, abortions, unwed mothers, and an off the charts divorce rate. This young man was a bigger man than Ryan, Simon, or Randy! Way to be role models guys!
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