Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Day

My day today starts out with getting everyone moving, breakfast on the table, getting children to feed animals. Then the two little ones get on the bus, we will give Delight (female puppy) a bath, and then take both Turk (male puppy) and her to the vet for their boosters etc.
After lunch we have orthodontist appointments for Abby and Hannah. Immediately following that, Hannah will be picked up by the neighbor to be her assistant at gymnastic lessons. She'll get home around 9PM.
Next Samantha gets off the bus and we throw a sandwich at everyone as we drive Rachel to Girl Scouts. Today is Rachel's birthday so at some point today I need to make cupcakes for her to bring to her Girl Scout meeting. Her meeting is only an hour long so it isn't worth it to drive the 18 miles back home just to turn around again, so we will go to the town library and kill an hour there.
When we get home I will help Rachel finish her homework. Abby will go and give the animals their grain. Nathalie will clean up the kitchen.
Tomorrow will be easier: No vet, no dentist, no Girl Scouts, no homework.
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