Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New computer woes!

I haven't written lately because we got a new computer and it has this new VISTA operating system. I put a CD, which has information from our old computer, into my new computer and it asks me if I really want to install this program. I tell it yes, because why else would I have put the disk into the drive in the first place? Then it asks me if I am the one who started this operation and do I really want to continue. I am thinking, "Well, I am sitting here at the desk, I already told the computer that I wanted to install the program, I am relatively sure that I am the one who started the operation, and so I am sure I want to continue." I click on yes. It loads and installs my program.
Now you would think that would be the end of my frustration. HAH! You would be wrong! I now want to use my program. It won't work. Why, you ask? Because it is an older version of the program and the newer windows system doesn't like the older program. So I look to see if there are any updates I can install so as to make my older program work with my new system. There aren't any updates and then I see why: My program is made by microsoft. My operating system is made by microsoft. The new program (which I will have to buy) that works on my new system is also made by microsoft. In order to use my program which I have already bought and paid for, I have to buy a newer version! Now I could understand if I had a newer version and tried to use it on an older operating system, but I have an OLDER version trying to run it on a NEWER operating system. Oh, and by older I mean a 2003 version! So not so old in my opinion!

No wonder Bill Gates is the richest man on Earth.
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