Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am procrastinating. But, I have a good reason! I am procrastinating because my husband is procrastinating.

You see, I need to order chicks (baby chickens, not women! Although another set of hands around the house to get some of this laundry done, vacuumi.... er.. never mind...). Of our 30 hens only about 4 are actually still laying and so we need to order new chicks. We need to order them now while there is a good supply of them at the chick factory (tee hee, sorry this makes me laugh). The problem: It is cold here, well, it is supposed to be cold here. It was 68 degrees yesterday. It will be cold here again; it is after all January.

The chicks I am supposed to be ordering will arrive in about 4 weeks. They will need to be kept warm. They will need a heat lamp for the chick pen. We don't own a heat lamp, as we have in the past bought our chicks in April. My husband is supposed to be purchasing a heat lamp and installing it in the barn so that it doesn't burn the barn down. He has yet to even grace the town in which Tractor Supply resides. (in his defense he has been working like 70+ hours a week)

Could I purchase the heat lamp? Certainly, but I drive a gas guzzling van that gets 12 miles per gallon. For me to drive and buy the heat lamp would cost more in gas than the actual lamp. Sam drives a nice economical car that gets 28 miles per gallon. Besides he knows things like wattages, volts, and amps, that I am completely clueless about. Again, that whole, "Don't want to burn down the barn thing..."

So why don't I just order the chicks anyway and trust that he will get the heat lamp? Because past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. I know if I order those chicks, they will come in the middle of February during a monster blizzard and I will have 50 chicks residing in my kids' playroom.

I know this because in the past I have had 6 baby goats residing in the kids' playroom. I have had chicks in the playroom; not 50, just 12 (as if that makes a difference!?!). I have had a nuc of honey bees waiting for a hive to be put together. (Although I have to say 10,000 stinging buzzing critters certainly inspired Sam to finish that little project lickety-split!)

And so, I am procrastinating....
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