Saturday, January 19, 2008

Taxes are so... well, taxing!

I started working on our taxes. I hate working on the taxes. I even have Turbo tax and I still hate "doing the taxes".

We have two businesses: My husbands woodworking business and our farm. The woodworking business taxes are difficult because my husbands idea of filing the reciepts, etc. is to simply put everything in a drawer. Bank statements, Lowes charge card statements, invoices from sales, invoices from purchases, gas station reciepts, etc. etc. etc. It takes me hours to sort everything. And, yes, I have tried a filing system for him. In fact all the LABELED files are hanging at the FRONT of the drawer in which he tosses the reciepts!

The farm business is much easier. For starters, I actually file my reciepts when I get them! Also the outgo is very much more than the income and I am dealing with much smaller numbers. Maybe someday that will change... hahahahahaha! Actaully our outgo and income this year were much closer than last year, and that was with having NO honey sales this year! Actually just looking at things, if this year I'd had as much in honey sales as I had last year, we would have broken even!
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