Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day Five

Ahhhhh! A REAL vacation day.
Nobody threw up. No friends over. No driving anyone to friend's houses. And it even snowed to make it really feel like vacation!

Let's see, we really didn't do much all day: a few loads of laundry, shoveled the walkways, took care of the animals, cleaned the playroom, registered the children for Goat Day, sanded the mudroom walls, and did some schoolwork with the girls.

My friend Donna has started her own blog. The link is on the side bar under Soeltl Farm. Yet another vortex that has sucked her in...

I was able to check my bees, sort of. It was a quiet day with all the snow so I went out and "banged" on the hive. One hive buzzed. One did not. The quiet one was the weaker one and since I didn't expect either hive to make it, I am thrilled!
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