Friday, February 22, 2008

Day Four

Day four of February Vacation was actually very laid back.
Hannah had slept over at her friend's house, so I was down to just four kids.
We did some school, some laundry, some firewood, and really just hung around.
Rachel's friend Grace (Grace's sister Dianna came too. She is Samantha's friend) came over and her mom and I had a nice visit while Abby and Nathalie took turns chasing her son Will.
Nathalie had a friend come over in the afternoon.
Hannah came home around 5PM.
Abby started throwing up around then.
I left for Bee School (final night!) at 5:30PM. Tim Grilley, one of the judges from the Public Speaking competition, came up and told me that he had an incredible time being judge and he was really impressed with the variety and quality of the speeches.
Donna only tried to kill me on the way home: yellow means slow down, not slam on the breaks and cause all kinds of havoc; and the fire engine did not have it's lights going! Me with a cold and she is making me laugh so hard I can hardly breathe! I don't know how Kelly can follow our conversations. We jump from topic to topic with absolutely no transitions.
So Bee School is over. I won't know for another 2 weeks (unless we get a very warm day) if my bees wintered over. I bought two new packs of bees just in case they didn't.
The chicks are surviving and growing.
All the children have had the "Barf Bug" now. Maybe we are done with the sickness for this winter??
One more day of vacation and snow is predicted!
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