Monday, February 18, 2008

Day One

First day of vacation.
7AM: phone call. Caller ID says US Government?!?! Turns out to be the Willimantic post office informing me that our chicks have arrived and can I be there in an hour.
7:45 AM: Arrive at said post office and pickup chicks. Go to Agway and get waterers and medicated feed.
8:30AM: Get home. Give orders to children for the day as I go out to do a window job.
9:30 AM - 3PM: work on windows. Get phone calls from husband with updates on how many chicks have died. So far 2, but 2 more are failing fast.
4 PM: get home and hear from husband about too many phone calls, misbehaving dog, and misbehaving children. I make dinner.
6PM: Plan out my day tomorrow: Orthodontist (Hannah broke a wire), bank, grocery store, haircut, buy gifts for 4H judges, call chicken company and report losses, help Rachel with her speech, wrap gifts for judges, and set up for Public Speaking competition.

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