Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day Three

Samantha awoke at 2AM with an earache and thinking it was morning she tried to wake her sisters to get them to help her heat up her "sock" (sock with rice in it that when heated in microwave and held to the ear eases ear pain). Since her sisters were sound asleep, none of them responded and so Samantha reacted in typical Samantha fashion: wailing and, because she is not feeling well, coughing. Well those things to a sleeping parent sound just like a small child throwing up. I got her settled in with her sock and went back to bed.

6AM Sam leaves for the firehouse
6:30 all children are up and are eating breakfast. Thankfully no more chicks have died.
9 AM I have made all my phone calls, except the one to the chicken hatchery. I have cancelled my dentist appointment yet again, since I can't breathe though my nose and the idea of drowning on my own saliva just isn't appealing (at least not yet).
10AM Hatchery phone call is made: a total of 8 chicks out of 44 have died. Not too bad; some years we have had a 50% loss. The girls are working on school. My two public schooled children who beg to be homeschooled every other day, reluctantly settle in to some reading and writing projects.
I start on filling out all the paperwork from last night's Public Speaking competition. One of the questions: How can we encourage more 4H'ers to participate. My answer: NOOOOOOO! We had 24 speakers and three no shows. My 4H club alone has 29 kids. We would have to set aside an entire Saturday to get through them all!
10:30 put on an educational movie about the US Constitution: "A More Perfect Union". It's actually pretty entertaining and the girls enjoyed it.
11:30 pile everyone in the van to drop Hannah off at her friend's house, go to the library, and head into Norwich to drop off the 4H paperwork. I would have accomplished more errands but Rachel started throwing up while we were at the library.
12:30 Arrive home, put Rachel in bed with a bucket, make lunch, remind Abby to write her story for Lebanon Life, and start some laundry.
2PM Nathalie and Samantha (who is feeling better), get picked up to go to their friend's house.
3PM Rachel wakes up and as she continues to throw up tells me how hungry she is! She requests to watch the Constitution movie again. How could I say no? So I set her up on the couch with her bucket to watch the movie. I think that was around the time the phone started ringing off the hook:

Donna: Beautiful kidd born
Sam: working overtime
Beth: Can the girls stay a bit longer?
Sales call

5PM: dinner
8PM settle in to watch TV until the Eclipse.
9PM to 10:45 wake Nathalie and Abby to watch the eclipse. I decided to let Rachel and Samantha sleep. They can catch the one in 2010.
11PM watch the news and then go to bed.
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