Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Dentist

Today we go to the dentist. I love our dentist. He has been our dentist for just over 10 years. I was pregnant with Hannah when we found him. (Yes I measure eveything based on who I was pregnant with at the time.)

He is great with the kids and actually takes an interest in what they have to say. I mean this guy actually came to visit us at a fair just to see what the kids do with their goats! Amazing!

He is very gentle and uses a lot of "smoke and mirrors" to distract the kids when he has to do something potentially uncomfortable. I think Abby had had 3 teeth pulled and was 10 years old (her teeth don't fall out on their own) before she realized that needles were involved in such things!

He basically books an entire morning to do all of us at once. This means I don't have to make several trips, each just days apart, like I often have to do with the pediatrician.

So this is the day. My children are very good about brushing and flossing. Especially the two with braces. They are afraid of what mom will do to them if they lose their newly straightened, expensive teeth to cavities. Me, on the other hand, I will be getting the lecture about flossing properly, yet again. I could floss six times a day and it still wouldn't be enough.

We have a strategy for today. We will take two cars. Rachel and Samantha will get their teeth done first and then be whisked away to school. While they are being driven, the other girls will get their teeth done. Once Sam has his teeth cleaned he will take the van and head for Ellington where our camper has finally been repaired and needs to be picked up. Eventually we will all meet up back home at some point.

We're off an running like a herd of turtles!
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