Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doin' the happy dance!


Woohoo! I finished yesterday, e-filed and should see my refund in about 2 weeks! I haven't filed my state taxes since I owe them money. I'll wait until April 11 or so to send them.

The state taxes always confuse me. Last year we got a large refund from the state. This year we owe them a small amount (Less than $300). It does this every time. One year we'll get a huge refund and the next year we will owe some small amount. I am sure there is a logical reason for why this happens, but I cannot figure it out. Our income doesn't change all that much because the fire department hasn't handed out raises since the oversight board took over in 2000. (Yes folks, that is 8 years without a raise.)

Another reason for the happy dance: I am getting my living room, entryway, and hallway painted! We finally decided on a color: It is kind of a peachy-orange-tan. It is a nice and warm, neutral-ish color that will work in the three very different areas. My entryway is lit up with a set of lights that are bright but are not natural light. My living room has huge amounts of wall space and and a large bay window that faces east southeast; so lots of natural bright light. My hall is narrow and dark.

And the third reason for the happy dance: it appears, barring any unforeseen disasters, that my mudroom will be finished either Saturday or Sunday! So far the only issue we have found is that the ceiling slopes by about an inch towards the center of the room. This was easily accommodated by my amazingly talented husband!

And the icing on the cake: Bee school tonight! Donna's driving, so we'll see if we can run over any more ambulances....
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