Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am writing about elections because if I blog about the public school, I might upset a very devoted teacher, who I adore, and is doing her very best in the situation. :) That and my head might spin...

So anyway. McCain won in Connecticut for the Republicans. As a registered independant I couldn't vote in the primaries. I like McCain. Whenever I take those political surveys about who your beliefs line up with ( ) he is usually in my top 3. Ron Paul is more often than not in the top spot, but since he hasn't got a chance, I'll have to go with McCain. Interestingly (NOT!) Hillary and Obama are so far removed from me, they almost don't even register! Yeah, I am just a wee bit conservative...

I think McCain has the best chance of beating out Hillary, who I happen to think would be the absolute worst thing to happen to our country. Ever. He is a war veteran, who actually saw action, bloodshed, and the realities of what war is. It isn't something he will step into lightly but yet, he also realizes what it will really take to deal with our enemies.

Some people are critical of his comments about "No surrender" and hunting down "Osama to the gates of Hell". But in my opinion, since that is the attitude that Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and every other militant, fanatical, Muslim extremist has towards America and Americans, we are foolish to not face them head on.

Hey! Tonight is bee school again! Woohoo! This time I am driving!
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