Friday, February 8, 2008

I think we may have totally traumatized Kelly last night at Bee School. Donna had lost a doe to some cause yet to be determined and so Donna and I were discussing possibles: "It could have been.... but, then she would have shown ..... and she didn't." This is what we do, we discuss the animal and then when we finally discover what the problem was, it wasn't anything we ever would have expected. Meningeoencephalitis for example!

We had a pretty uneventful trip to and from school. That's cause I was driving. Despite the slush falling from the sky, we all survived.

Of course the woman sitting behind us at class who was coughing up a lung was a little disconcerting. If you are that sick, STAY HOME!

Or the woman in front of us who had to ask the weirdest questions. I went to school to be a teacher; I get the whole "There are no dumb questions" theory. This woman defies the theory. If she had stopped trying to think up questions to ask and had listened to the instructor she might have had fewer questions.

We met up with another Lebanon-ite. I have known this person for over 10 years and never knew she kept bees. She lost all of her hives this past fall so she is starting over this spring. I can sympathiize having been there done that! But, as of last week, BOTH of my hives were still ALIVE. This warm February may do them in though...
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